Saturday, February 20, 2016

No, We Don't Want a Positive Role Model for President...thanks for asking!

Earlier this week, Fox News conducted a poll of Americans about the current Presidential race.  One thing really stuck out to me in cruising through the results....Americans don't care about our future President as a role model.   I'm not just saying that because of my opinion. It is here in black and white.

In question #7, when asked who they would like to see as the Republican nominee, the results were as follows:

  • Trump 36%
  • Cruz 19%
  • Rubio 15%
  • Carson 9%
  • Bush 9%
  • Kasich 8%

Scroll down further in the poll to question #27..."Which Republican Presidential candidate do you think is the BEST role model for children today?"  And the results were...

  • Carson 26%
  • Trump 18%
  • Rubio 17%
  • Cruz 12%
  • Bush 11%
  • Kasich 11%
I think it is interesting that over 1/4 of voters admit that Carson is the best role model for their children, yet only 9% of them will even consider voting for him.  I know people will argue that he doesn't have the political experience, or the "oomph" to run the White House....yet look at the presidents...current and many prior who HAD the experience and how that turned out.   Look at Clinton who was a moral disaster....and essentially did nothing for our country.   The current president who has experience, yet is trying to unconstitutionally make decisions without Congress and act as king.    

Our kids NEED good role models more than they need a narcissistic man running the show.  It seems to me that a good role model with good morals would make a heck of a better president that one that calls people names...or lies....or has been found to be sending emails illegally and needs to be in jail....or one who wants to turn American Socialist.

But Americans don't.  They don't care about morals, or killing babies....they just want what they want.  Their god is themselves....and so they look to Presidents who also have themselves as their god.      Morals matter....role models matter....I wish Americans would realize that........


Hosanna Emily said...

It is terribly sad how America is going in our culture. To see people like Trump, Clinton, and Sanders leading our campaigns shows how much America needs Jesus.

Hannah Moore said...

I'm just now reading this post, but it so right on. Who American people choose for a president is a reflection of American people's values. -Cynda