Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Homeschool Review: LANDRY ACADEMY

There are so many homeschool resources out there that it will make your head spin.  Over the last 17 years of homeschooling I have tried and used such a variety of curriculum.   I have loved some, hated some.   Switched some simply cause I had used it so long that I, as the teacher needed a change.   I had curriculum that worked PERFECTLY for one child, and was a total flop for the next.   That is the beauty of homeschooling!   We are not stuck with just one canned curriculum that must fit all 9 of my kids!!!
This year we tried a new approach for a few of our subjects, and it has been a WINNER!   4 of my kids are each taking a class from Landry Academy.   Landry is an online tool where we can choose from 457 classes---yes that is not a typo, they truly offer the homeschool community that many options!     From Chinese and Arabic, to Computer Programming.  From American Sign Language to Fiddle.  From Art, Photography, Medicine to Architecture and Welding...that have pretty much covered it all!!!

On top of their hundreds of classes, they also offer week and month long classes in all sorts of topics.  My 13 year old will be attending a week long camp in Filmmaking this summer and could not be more excited as he loves to make short films!!!

They also offer "2 day Intensives" where you can do all the science labs for an entire school year in TWO days and they offer these all over the country. (We have participated in 3 of these so far and were very impressed).

My children are currently taking the following classes this year through Landry:

  • American Sign Language 1  (Hosanna)
  • Filmmaking 1 and 2   (Josiah)
  • Animal Care Science  (Jubilee)
  • World History from a Christian Perspective  (Praise)

My daughter will take a class this summer in "Conversational ASL."

And next year, I have already signed up my kids for:

  • American Sign Language 2 (Hosanna)
  • Screenwriting (Josiah)
  • Film Producing and Directing (Josiah)
  • Biology (Josiah)
  • Writing Ropes (essays)  Jubilee
  • Pre-biology (Jubilee)
  • Exploring Creation Science (Praise)
  • Trip Around the World (a 6-language adventure)  (Praise)
On top of THOSE...they also have fun Community Groups.   These groups meet 2-4 times per month and are just for fun  (No grades).  They allow you to meet with students with similar interests under a Christian teacher that specializes in that area.

My kids are currently involved in 3 Community Groups.  Hosanna is in "Reservation for Two" which is for 13-18 yr old girls to encourage each other in their relationship with God and growing in character.   This meets weekly and it is her favorite hour of the week!

Josiah is in "Performing and Visual Arts" group that meets every other week as well as  a "Photography" Community group that meets every other week.  He loves both of these groups for learning more about filming and photography and connecting with other kids that shares his passions and teachers that do as well.

There is too much to say about Landry.   Let me just say that we got into it by buying class sessions a year ago.  We were able to buy "generic" classes a year ago for around $60/semester class.  The key is that we couldn't use them til a year later.  Well, we waited and we are impressed.  So impressed that I bought more generics so we can use them for next year.   If you look at their website, the prices regularly are $390 per semester class....but if you sign up for their email specials, and are willing to buy a year ahead of time, You'll be glad you did!!! You can enjoy all these classes for just a fraction of their regular prices so don't let their catalog deter you.    Also, the community groups are a great price regularly already.  ($97 per year!!)  So worth it in my opinion.  So if you are a homechooler....so check out their website!!!!!


Hosanna Emily said...

I love taking classes through Landry Academy! They are so much fun, you get to meet new friends all around the world, and they teach in a way that is easy to remember! The teachers are very nice as well and super helpful!

Hannah E. said...

Landry Academy sounds so amazing!( : I'm excited to start R42 soon and another class in the fall!!